Hearing The Word Of God

My cousins and I had some very interesting things to say to one another while growing up. At times we would advise one another about how to endure the challenges that we face in life. One of those challenges (at least in our young minds) was getting scolded by parents or elderly. I remember that we... Continue Reading →


American Samoa Mission Reconnect 2017

Our Mission On This Trip:   In the military, you have what is called a "Recon Mission". When I was in the US. Army Infantry, we conducted many drills on Recon Missions and how to execute them. A Recon Mission is basically collecting intel/information on the enemy troops in order to determine our next course of... Continue Reading →

“The danger of not knowing”

The Bible tells us, that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge (Proverbs. 1:7). In another passage, it says that the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding (Proverbs 9:10). Question: How can one fear (respect) God, if he does not know who God is? By looking at creation we can know... Continue Reading →

Family Bible Time 

One of my favorite children church songs have the lyrics “ with Jesus in a family happy family, happy family, happy family.” That song will always be in my memory because someone took the time to teach it to me along with other things Bible related. Also growing up in the Samoan culture, we always... Continue Reading →

How do you fold underwear? 

What you see in the picture is an effort by a father of three, who used to sit on his rear end and let momma do the impossible around the house. This father got some good schooling from older men of God. Lesson after lesson this father made some changes. The greatest change came at... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Temptation

Biggest Loser Esene (Lima & Athena) vs Peko (Paul & Ave) family season one started this past Saturday when each side was officially weighed in. With the end date set at December 15, 2017, the contestants are at work. The shopping lists have been made, the exercise plan still not yet completed, and the diet has not... Continue Reading →

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