Overcoming Temptation

Biggest Loser Esene (Lima & Athena) vs Peko (Paul & Ave) family season one started this past Saturday when each side was officially weighed in. With the end date set at December 15, 2017, the contestants are at work. The shopping lists have been made, the exercise plan still not yet completed, and the diet has not... Continue Reading →

Putting God First

If you are living on Oahu (Hawaii) or have lived here, you understand how busy it gets on this island. The super early wake ups (4-5AM) and the average hour to two hours commute in traffic just to get to work on time (could be longer). Then you have to pack lunch the night before... Continue Reading →

Get to Know One Another.

I was the gunner for a three man crew pulling rear security on a convoy mission that lasted four hours from Kuwait into Iraq. The year was 2008, this was my only deployment in my service, and it was time for our first mission. Our team was the rear eyes of the entire convoy, which... Continue Reading →

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